Collected Essays

by Sravaniya DiPecoraro

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Pages 204
Barefoot Philosopher Press
1 edition (March 8, 2018)
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ISBN-10: 9889911175
ISBN-13: 978-9889911171

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Sravaniya DiPecoraro has a knack for simplifying esoteric subjects and making them more accessible to the inquisitive seeker. Whether in the fields of yoga philosophy and the science of self realization, or tarot divination, psychological astrology or related metaphysical disciplines, her writing is based on the practical application of authentic information from reliable sources. Illuminated with anecdotes and examples from decades of work, Sravaniya shares her extensive study and experience with her readers and brings the incomprehensible within reach. "During years of work in Hong Kong, teaching yoga on the one hand and studying on the other (in between eating-sleeping-and classes), quite a pile of notes and realizations accumulated. I considered that perhaps some of them may provide insights for other spiritual seekers — those among us who want to understand life and make sense of this world, or who want to make their way to ultimate peace and happiness. So it is that I’ve decided to share some of my writings. A few of these essays mention or explain in detail the concepts of yoga ethics — yama and niyama. Some of the pieces herein have been published in local Hong Kong magazines, a few are interviews. The websites noted may or may not be currently available. Things have changed a lot since the new age movement first took off here in the 1990s." “The sages and great thinkers have our best interests at heart,” says Sravaniya. “My purpose in presenting these essays is not to tell anyone what to think. It is to create an experience wherein one can begin to understand what it is he thinks, and to either verify or disprove those assumptions based on sacred scriptural evidence. This enables one to expand his understanding based, not on imagination, but on true knowledge.”

News and Reviews
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“Where were we all when the lights went out on our individual and collective spiritual lives? In this gold-nugget wisdom collection, Sravaniya holds up the light of her own years of yoga-teaching experience and deep reading of yoga-related traditional texts to uplift the spirit and nourish the soul. I'm reminded by her writing style of the late and much loved Huston Smith's refreshingly accessible writing on all things to do with the human spirit. Truly, as she writes, "communication is what [she] was made to do...independent thinking is [her] specialty."
— Krishna Kshetra Swami, (Kenneth R. Valpey), Gaudiya Vaishnava Theologian, ISKCON GBC; PhD, Oxford University; Faculty, Bhaktivedanta College, Belgium

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“Author and fifty-year bhakti-practitioner, Sravaniya DiPecoraro has been a close and dear friend of mine for the greater part of forty years. Her most recent book, Ancient Teachings Modern Perspectives, speaks to humankind’s inner craving for authentic spiritual knowledge and unmasked truth. Her “tell it like it is” style, refreshing, eloquent but bold, presents the essence of Vedic thought clearly and concisely. Easily accessible to any sincere seeker of knowledge and truth, one need only read and apply its teachings to live life to its fullest spiritual potential.”
— Giridhari Swami, Governing Body Commissioner, ISKCON

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“It’s obvious from reading Sravaniya’s latest book, Ancient Teachings, Modern Perspectives — Collected Essays, that she has put to good use all she has learned over the years. Her dedication to the practice of these teachings has availed her entry into the heart of the knowledge offered within them. Our guru and spiritual guide, Srila Prabhupada, used to say: “Study of the Vedas is not meant for the recreation of armchair speculators, but for the formation of character.” By her developing this personal, integral spiritual character, Sravaniya has been able to convey to her readers the universal relevance of these principles. Here, in common language, she presents their essence, opening the door to the reader of that which can take many years to unfold. One will benefit greatly by taking time to open this book and see what one can gain by putting this knowledge into practice. Enjoy your reading!”
— Rtadhvaja Swami, Traveling Monk and Teacher of Bhakti Yoga Meditation; Board of Directors, North American Child Protection Office, ISKCON

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“I highly recommend Ancient Teachings, Modern Perspectives, a collection of articles written by Sravaniya. Her perceptive weaving of the wisdom traditions of the East, particularly the Vedic teachings of ancient India, with modern commentary is both refreshing and enlightening. In doing so, she is not one to shy away from confronting the shallowness that gets passed off as spirituality, or spiritual knowledge, in certain circles of the 21st century. We should expect as much coming from a serious spiritual practitioner. The removal of ignorance is not always meant to be a comfortable, feel good, “you’re alright, I’m alright” affair.”
— Steven Matthews (Chandrasekhar Dasa), Research assistant and instructor for the Professorship of Indian Religions and Culture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bhakti Yoga practitioner