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Be very specific here and try to distill your ideas into one or two sentences. For example, instead of saying that you intend to write a cookbook for single guys, you could say the following: your book is a cookbook for single guys, with recipes that takes no more than 25 minutes to cook, uses no more than 5 ingredients and leave no leftovers.
Here you write about your target audience. Again, be very specific. Knowing who your audience is will help you market your book to that particular segment. For example, your cookbook is for all sorts of single guys, tight on budget or time or both, including students and younger bachelors to busy office workers.
A new book should do one of the following this things (1) write about someone that's not been written before (2) expand on what's been written before (3) provide a more contemporary take on what's been written before or (4) provide a more local perspective. For example, there are a ton of books on Chinese cuisine, but fewer of them cater to vegetarian lifestyle. Of those, very few focus on raw aspect of food. So, there you go, you have a winning idea and your book “Raw Chinese Cuisine” will probably sell well.
This is where you think from your head. Your answer here will satisfy the technical requirements for you being the most qualified person to write this book. You will write down all of your academic qualifications, society memberships / positions and work experience.
This is where you think from your heart. Your answer here will satisfy the emotional requirements of you being the most qualified person to write this book. If you have come this far, it means that you've been passionate about this for a very long time and now you feel strongly compelled to tell others what you think. Your book has been long overdue.
What stage is your book currently in? Is your manuscript ready to be edited and proofread? Or are your ideas still in bullet points format? Does your book need photographs or illustrations?
How may we help you? Please select:
What is your approximate budget for the book project?
We recommend you set aside at least HK$25,000 for the book project. We use the term “project,” because there's so much more work involved than what meets the eye. An industry-leading, good-looking book needs to be painstakingly laid out, illustrated, edited, proof-read, manually coded (for e-versions,) and marketed in addition to being written and printed. Think of the book as your most powerful business card. It solidifies your position as an authority in a your subject of expertise, eases your entry into new circles of influential people, creates new career opportunities and opens new streams of revenue.
When you work with us... (1) We extend personal support and attention through the entire production process and beyond. (2) We let you retain the copyrights to all your work. (3) We assign ISBN’s to your books. (4) We upload your books to Amazon and other online retailers on your behalf and manage your royalties. (5) We host your profile, book titles, events, podcasts, social media links and your blog on our website. All of this at no extra cost. Sound good?
We offer an array of paid services that, we believe, will meet your publishing and marketing goals. You have the freedom to pick and choose. Let’s get started.
Get the best bang for your buck.
Custom covers and interiors
Stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our book designer will work with you to produce stunning industry standard covers and interiors for your book.
Editorial services
Make your book the best it can be. Our experienced editors will ensure that your manuscript is clean and concise, and that it enhances your authentic voice and writing style.
E-book conversion
Maximize your reach. We’ll manually transform your manuscript into a quality-assured, eBook-compatible file that can be read on smartphones, tablets including the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook.
Social media marketing
Cut through the online clutter and place your book in front of your target audience. We will design a Facebook carousel ad for your book and create a custom audience of potential readers who might be interested in your book.
Start creating a buzz for your book, well before and around the time your book hits the shelves.
Book-signing kit
Our book-signing kit includes custom-designed posters, flyers, postcard, bookmarks etc, everything you need to promote your personal appearances and book signings. You also receive soft copies of all the material if you wish to print more later by yourself.
Author Video Interview
Connect with your readers on a deeper level. Share your inspiration for writing your book, passion for your craft, and offer a glimpse of your personality with a professional Author Video Interview.
Do you have a dedicated following? Do you speak at events or workshops? Have you been interviewed for newspapers or magazines? How can you leverage your network and contacts to create a buzz pre-publication and get maximum publicity post-publication? For example, if your book is about fitness, think of all the studio owners whom you know who would be happy to market and sell your book at their places. In our experience, despite the explosion of the e-book market, the printed books a the one that still sell the most. People love collecting beautiful things.
Professional book reviews
Getting a positive book review will give your title the stamp of approval. We will submit your book for reviews to prestigious book reviewing agencies, including those who may review your book for free (e.g. Publishers Weekly and San Francisco Book Review) and those who may review for a fee (e.g. Pacific Book Reviews and U.S. Reviews of Books).
Publicity campaigns
If you want your book to sell, you’ll want to do more than just hope for the best. Place your ads in newspaper and other print media, get interviewed on traditional radio, online talk radio and internet shows.
Give the traditional brick-and-mortar stores an opportunity to find, stock and sell your book.
Traditional book distribution services
Selling your book in global markets is not such a stretch when you're prepared. We have teamed up with distributors that will give Asian and international retailers, libraries, schools and universities — online and in stores an access to your books.