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The Inner Practice

by Sravaniya DiPecoraro

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Pages 211
Barefoot Philosopher Press August 1, 2019
Size 5.5 x 0.55 x 8.5 inches
ISBN-10: 988-78868-3-9
ISBN-13: 978-988-78868-3-9

Book Details

For seriously inquisitive yoga students, written in their own language.

In contrast with the volumes of literature already available regarding the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, the present book provides keys for understanding the essential metaphysical and spiritual teachings of yoga, thus enabling the reader to overcome the problems of life and ultimately attain the wholeness of self-realization. Sravaniya DiPecoraro, an experienced yoga disciple, teacher, astrologer and spiritual consultant, explains the basic principles clearly and with references, covering Vedānta, Yama and Niyama and much more, bringing the formerly inaccessible within reach.

News and Reviews
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Basic Yoga Sutras–The Inner Practice broadened my understanding of my own practice, as well as those of the diverse yoga systems that exist today… It has also given me a greater capacity to communicate the values of a life of spirituality and the scientific principles upon which it rests. It is a valuable resource for those seeking to go deeper into their journey of personal discovery.”
Bhaktivedanta Vaikhānas Swami, Śrī Govinda Gaudiya Math Bengaluru, India

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"Masterfully written and authoritative work; Sravaniya dasi DiPecoraro unravels the deep secrets of the mystic yoga systems including the Yama (ethical) and Niyama (moral) aspects from the basic interactions of Karma up to the culmination of all knowledge, Bhakti yoga. Basic Yoga Sutras–The Inner Practice is a must read for the novice aspirant, and a useful tool for the accomplished yogi and seasoned philosopher as well. Thank you for this valuable contribution to the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya."
–Cyavana Swami (ACBSP), John Milner

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“Congratulations. So important to establish the authenticity as well as the authorities of Yoga. Especially in the fast growing yoga world where really anything goes. No doubt your book will be welcome by the yoga community.”
Radhacaran Das, Vedic philosophy teacher. Based in Beijing, China