Levels of Consciousness in the Material World

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Here is an excerpt from my latest book Karma & Reincarnation.

“Let’s take a few moments to examine the differences between sanity, illusion and delusion.

Sanity means to see things as they are; when one knows the truth that he is an eternal spirit inhabiting a temporary body and mind. The covering of matter in the subtle body is light. The intelligence is awakened and one knows the difference between that which is elevating (right) and that which is degrading (wrong). This is evoked by acting in the mode of goodness (sattva) — the real yoga lifestyle. No meat, fish or eggs; no intoxication, and either celibacy or monogamy; simple living, high thinking. Consciousness is broad-minded to the point where one can see the outcome of actions in advance and can therefore choose wisely.

Illusion is to see something as that which it is not. It begins with mistaking oneself to be the body and mind. The covering of matter thickens. Sense gratifying pleasure is the goal of life and one believes “the more the merrier.” Reality bites when one sees that the actual result is trouble and that the thing desired brings problems. Consciousness is narrowly aimed at obtaining sense objects, often without considering the results of the action in the midst of the endless, passionate (rajas) pursuits.

Delusion is when one strives always in the wrong direction. The results are disturbing and yet one does not desist. This is when the covering of matter is dense. One learns nothing from repeated mistakes, and truly believes that somehow doing the same thing again and again will soon bring a different result. This is the path of ignorance (tamas). “Ignoring facts liberates one from critical thinking,” wrote Don Surber, a political commentator. To be a true believer such as this requires weapons-grade thick mode of ignorance. Cocaine can get you there pretty quick.

I fully support the statement of Henry David Thoreau who said, “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

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