The Laws of Nature


The word alchemy means to transmute one form of matter into another, or to change the form of material energy. In other words, magic. However, this activity is not based upon imagination or belief but rather upon science. For a society that grew up with Harry Potter and entertainment films full of special effects, this idea may take a few minutes to process.

To transmute matter one must understand the laws of Nature and their limitations. And then one must learn how to work within them.

Here are some observations (pratyakṣa) from one of my most reliable sources, world renowned astrologer Isabel M. Hickey, in her classic text Astrology, A Cosmic Science.

“Nature has an ebb and flow like the tides in the ocean. The tides can be used or neglected. Everything in nature is on the upswing between the New and Full Moon; when its energy starts to recede and is ebbing, the tide is at its greatest passivity before the New Moon. Note the lack of pep and vitality in people in the last phases of the dying Moon. Everything is dragging and only those interested in Cosmic laws know why it is so.”

I can attest to the veracity of this statement. When I taught Hatha yoga professionally I framed the focus of postures (āsana) in my classes according to the lunar phases. The week of the waning to New Moon I taught restorative poses. Indeed, the students would come and lie down exhausted on their mats before class, like shipwrecked travelers washed up on the shore.

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