Understanding Transformation

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By Sravaniya DiPecoraro

Beginning, middle and end—followed by a new beginning. This is how it is for spirits in the material world. It is remarkable how many of us do not want to acknowledge the ever present possibility of death, for this brings to mind our lack of control in facing this reality.

Yet although we cannot control the situations and circumstances that happen in life, what we can control is our response. Here is astrologer Robert Hand describing the effects of Pluto, aka “The Lord of Death”:

“Elements of your life that you have always counted on may begin to pass away in ways that are extremely difficult to understand. There will be no dramatic signs of social struggle and change, but the old order is passing away. What may be most difficult to accept is that there seems to be nothing that you can fight directly. It is as if many circumstances, relationships, possessions and various other conditions of your life have lost their right to be and are withering away. You can waste your time regretting this situation, thereby putting yourself into the same position, or you can come to terms with the new world and become part of it. This is one of the decisions you will have to make.”