Divertimento ~ I had it coming - and so do you


An astrologer's diary
Sunday, August 13, 2017

''Sorcerers say that we are inside a bubble. It is a bubble into which we are placed at the moment of our birth. At first, the bubble is open, but then it begins to close until it has sealed us in. That bubble is our perception. We live inside that bubble all our lives. And what we witness on its round walls is our own reflection."
— Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

My mind was very disturbed by my perception of an interaction with another person. The feeling was one of being neglected, unappreciated; that some offence was taken because of a joke I had made. It was a seemingly minor incident but it caused strong feelings within. What compounded this situation was that I had done a relationship reading for a client regarding her issues with
a close associate. That scenario rather reflected identical ones which I could see in my own.

In the middle of the night I could not sleep. So I thought to go and check my transits — i.e. the current movements of the planets triggering my horoscope. What I found was stunning.

A little background first. The horoscope of an individual is like a statement of purpose in time and space. One’s karmic impressions for the current life (prārabdha karma) generated by personal actions in the past are imprinted in the psyche or subtle body (manas) at the moment of birth. Planetary movements trigger these complexes which manifest as attitudes, tendencies, feelings,
relationships and even physical incidents.

The transits of the Moon to those planetary placements of mine told the entire story of my inner emotional environment. The descriptions I was reading were so specific that I realised my subjective reality was being generated by cosmic movements. That means not only was it a kind of "virtual emotional experience”— not really caused by or even related to anyone else — but it happened right on time.

In other words I, the spirit, was witnessing a storm inside my mind. It was not actual (Moon opposition Neptune, the emblem of imagination) but only perceived by me individually and quite temporarily, since the effect of Moon transits is brief and lasts at most half a day. And I am not talking about one transit alone — there were four different influences and I was experiencing all of them at once! The complete descriptions were there before me, written in English.

Now I had a choice: to act out based on my inner perceptions and perhaps permanently alter an important relationship, OR to let the storm pass and do nothing — as was suggested by the astrologer writing about one of the transits. Fortunately, due to my regular yoga meditations (sādhana) I had the good sense to go for the second option.

The happiness and distress each one of us experiences at any given moment is not only predestined; moreover it is scheduled. It is delivered right on time. This realization blew me away. Or more accurately it blew away the impulses to avenge myself of the wrong that I perceived had been done to me.

My paean to Material Nature:
How powerful is Fate! How she acts through the mind,
How everything is predestined and delivered right on time.

Everything, that is, except one's response.

This is an excerpt from my book Alchemy, Gemstones, the Planets and You