The Bhakti Controversy


On the plane of duality, the status of Bhakti-yoga remains ambiguous with two views vying for eminence:

A) Karma-yoga is for materially engrossed people. Bhakti-yoga is for those of a more emotional temperament. Rāja-yoga is for the most intelligent sādhaka and is the fruit of the physical and mental (haṭha) practice.

B) Bhakti-yoga is the culmination of all yogas; it is both the means and the goal.

A is for Advaita and B is for Bhāgavat Vedānta. Which of these divergent assessments is accurate? Since the former paradigm is already familiar in yoga circles, let’s explore the latter one, after which I invite the reader to make the call.

This is an excerpt from my book Basic Bhagavad Gita